Journey to clear skin!

For many years, looking in the mirror in the morning had become a daunting task! My skin was horrendous 😨 deciding to tackle the problem was the easy part….however… finding a product that actually worked proved to be the challenging part! My dressing table soon started to look like the inside of superdrug! Tea tree face washes, spot treatments, micellar lotions and what must of been a hundred concealers!….. i gave up…

But a friend of mine who looked like what can only be described as a baby faced 30 year old!, introduced me to her skin care products. They were from ActiDerm…

At first I thought ‘another product that isn’t going to tame this hormonal skin of mine’ but at the same time I thought I may as well try….. i’m so glad i did! My skin after a few weeks is just amazing, and it’s all down to their micellar lotion, anti-bacterial wash and new skin mask! I was over the moon.

So after trying the products and loving them!, I found out I could become an ambassador for the company. It meant a very small investment (which has more than paid off) and I was away! Building my own business.. Did not have to ask me twice! I had tried the products, loved them and wanted more people to be introduced to them…. so here I am 😊

I hope you all have beautiful skin, but if like me your hormones are having none of it, please don’t hesitate to come to me… let ActiDerm help you like it has helped me! Have a wonderful night everyone. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œFB_IMG_1443740625852


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